Falcon High Performance Key-Valve

The Falcon High Performance Key-Valve, or HPKV, urinal cartridge is the industry-leading mechanical or dry replacement cartridge for waterfree urinals. A result of years of research and testing, it features a new, revolutionary design that ensures product longevity is paired with the ultimate in product functionality. With one of the fastest flow rates in the market, this cartridge is perfect for converting your urinal to waterfree or “almost” waterfree. Our waterfree urinals save yearly up to 151’000 litres of water per urinal and reduce your cost of fresh water supply.

How does the Falcon High Performance Key-Valve work?

The High Performance Key-Valve® is the heart and soul of our Waterfree Urinals, providing safe, long-lasting, low odour performance. Since the introduction of the Key-Valve® technology, there have been many improvements incorporated into our design that sets our cartridges apart from the rest.   Our latest design follows that same path and includes new patent pending features to provide the best sealing and flow performance ever for our customers.


More Robust Technology

The patent-pending Bell Valve provides optimal performance for the duration of valve life span – resulting in better long-term functionality for our customers.

Retrofit Capable

The Falcon High-Performance Key-Valve® features a drastically faster flow capacity, creating a better user experience and allowing the valve to be used in urinals that flush on a timed basis without overflowing.

Faster Flow Rate

The High Performance Key-Valve technology provides more than twice the flow rate of competitors and previous models.

Cues You When to Replace

The patented Key-Ring® technology dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed, making maintenance easier. 


Three Part System

The three-part system ensures you have the most robust performance. Our valves fit into a long or short adapter to meet your installation needs.

   1. HPKV Cartridge
   2. Adapter
   3. Urinal

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