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Falcon waterless cartridges - by the Rodin Group Ltd

Falcon waterless urinals and replacement waterless cartridges for Armitage Shanks and Aridian urinals

Why Install Waterless Urinals?

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How does the Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges work

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When it comes to purchasing anything online, the security question towers above everything else. Our store’s overall cyber security and particularly the billing process security is something we do not take lightly. All of your shopping here will be a fun and safe experience. If you have any difficulties in the checkout process, you can always address our customer support department with your billing questions.

Carriage Charges

We make a charge for carriage / shipping of our products within the UK as follows: Waterless Urinals £37.50 (£31.25 + VAT) per order All other products £12.00 (£10.00 + VAT) per order For carriage to Northern Ireland, UK islands and all other territories, please call +44(0)1795 423400 for a quotation.

Our Story

The Rodin Group Limited was established in 1992 and has grown over the last 29 years by identifying products that:
• Are designed for use within commercial and industrial markets • Address environmental issues both in relation to water treatment and water consumption • Reduce costs associated with water consumption and energy WATER TREATMENT The Rodin Group are the exclusive distributors of the Scale-Buster® range of physical water conditioners within the UK market and have seen its evolution over two decades. The success and development of Scale-Buster® combined with its unique features and paved the way for the company to enter other areas of water treatment. Our water treatment range now incorporates the following products: • Scale-Buster® physical water conditioning (decalcification and corrosion protection) • Ultrodin Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection • Back Wash Filtration • Water softeners WATER CONSERVATION In 1994/95 the company expanded into the area of water conservation by introducing simple products that could be easily retrofitted to reduce water consumption. At a time when few people paid attention to the increasing costs of water and the limitations of UK reservoir resources the company could see that would become increasingly important in the future. Although attitudes have changed in recent years with drought conditions in certain areas of the UK further progress is still required to appreciate the value of water - our most important finite resource. The Rodin Group has continued to develop its water conservation range which now incorporate the following products: • Shower systems incorporating fixed and hand-held shower heads • Falcon Waterless/Waterfree urinals • Falcon Velocity replacement cartridges and accessories • Taps and aerators To help conserve water resources for the benefit of future generations. If more information is required please contact us via our contact page