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How does the Waterless Cartridge work


How does a waterless cartridge work 1



This touch free waterless patented urinal cartridge is made out of non-stick, non-porous material and designed to work like a funnel. Urine passes through the waterless system where the Falcon Waterfree Technologies' sealant forms an airtight barrier between it and the washroom space helping to keep your washroom odour free.


How does a waterless cartridge work 2



The sealant is less dense than water allowing urine to pass through and flow into the drain. As liquid passes through, the cartridge works to filter and collect uric sediment that could otherwise end up in the drain line translating into an odour-free washroom, clean pipes and zero water waste.


How does a waterless cartridge work 3



Internal components create speed and direction for exit flow helping to keep the housing and pipes cleaner. The waterless patented urinal cartridge also features an O ring, which provides an airtight barrier between the cartridge and the urinal itself. The only maintenance required is routine cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge, two to four times per year (depending on the use).




The Falcon Waterfree system consists of vitreous china or stainless steel fixtures with a patented cartridge that locks into the base of the urinal. The design of the urinal bowl and use of nonporous materials ensure that all urine passes into the cartridge. That's all there is: no flush valve assembly, no water supply hookup, and no waste.

The heart of the technology is the cartridge, which provides odour-free operation and easy maintenance. The pleasant-smelling sealant liquid inside the cartridge provides an airtight barrier between the drain and the restroom to prevent odours from escaping. Other types of waterfree urinals require frequent replenishment of costly sealant liquid and regular maintenance that can keep a urinal out of commission for up to 20 minutes. In comparison, the Falcon Waterfree sealant liquid lasts for the life of the cartridge so there is no need to add sealant liquid between cartridge changes plus cartridge replacement takes only a few minutes.

The cartridge also acts as a trap for uric sediment, which could otherwise contribute to drain pipe clogs. This results in a hygienic and odour-free environment, clean pipes, and no water waste. The only maintenance is routine spray-and-wipe cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge approximately two to three times per year.